2020 STEM for All Video Showcase

TERC Hosts 6th Annual STEM for All Video Showcase: May 5-12, 2020

Video Showcase 2020

Over 150 projects funded by NSF and other federal agencies will showcase three-minute videos of their innovative work related to STEM teaching and learning in formal and informal environments. This is a great opportunity for you to network, find new resources, potential collaborators, and share your expertise!

Anytime during this free, week long virtual event, we invite you to:

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Browse 3-min videos highlighting federally funded STEM education initiatives. Join the conversations, lend your perspective, and network with presenters and other leaders in the field. Vote for your favorites through Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word!

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TERC's STEM for All Videos

TERC is proud to have these projects featured in the Video Showcase this year. Check out the videos and join the conversations with the researchers who made the films!

Data Clubs: Involving Middle School Youth in Data

By: Andee Rubin (lead presenter), Traci Higgins, Jan Mokros, and Jacob Sagrans

Data are the currency of the current era, yet most youth have not had the opportunity to develop the skills that allow them to deal productively and powerfully with data. Being "data fluent" is critical for both work and life, but data science is largely not taught at school, so informal settings are essential for filling this gap. Our project explores how we can make data science accessible to middle school youth through developing data clubs modules that are delivered in after-school programs and summer camps. Through choosing topics of interest to youth and using a highly accessible and free data analysis program, we have been able to successful involve participants in meaty data analysis practices.


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Increasing STEM Signing Knowledge of Student Interpreters

By: Judy Vesel, M. Clark, and Tara Robillard

This video will showcase the unique and innovative features of a Signing Bioscience Dictionary (SBD) that was developed in the context of an IUSE Level 1 Exploration and Design project for undergraduate students enrolled in Lamar University’s Interpreter Training Program (ITP) to increase their American Sign Language (ASL) life science vocabulary. The video will highlight the need for the dictionary and process used for term selection. It will show the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that have been integrated into the interface. It will also share the methodology and findings from a formative evaluation in the context of three primary research questions used to investigate use and effectiveness in increasing knowledge and ability to sign life science terms and capacity to accurately and clearly interpret content taught in undergraduate biology courses.


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STEM for All Multiplex

By: Joni Falk

The Multiplex is a new platform that extends our work to date on the STEM for All Video Showcase. It aggregates all presentations that have been presented from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 and we will add those from 2020 in June. The Multiplex is free and open to all researchers, teachers, policy makers, parents and others interested in improving STEM teaching and learning. You can access it at https://multiplex.videohall.com/



2020 STEM for All Video Showcase
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