Welcome Nadine Bonda, Ph.D., as TERC's new Board of Trustees Chair

We are delighted to welcome Nadine (Binkley) Bonda, Ph.D., as the new Chair of TERC's Board of Trustees! Nadine has been a passionate supporter and advocate of TERC for many years, and her wealth of expertise and knowledge is an invaluable asset to our organization. We are thrilled to have her leadership and enthusiasm guiding us as we strive to reach and surpass our goals in STEM education for all learners.

Read on to hear directly from Nadine and learn about her background and her aspirations for TERC going forward.


Dear TERC Community,

I am excited and humbled to chair the Board of Trustees of TERC. TERC is an amazing nonprofit doing important research in all aspects of STEM education. In my own career, I am very interested in understanding how teachers and students think about the teaching and learning of STEM disciplines and, therefore, I am passionate about the work that TERC does.

Our Board is made up of exceptional leaders in their fields and my job is to bring those Board members together to form a cohesive group that works in the best interest of TERC. I have three personal goals this year as Chair of the Board.

First, I want to work with the Board in supporting the President, Laurie Brennan, as she guides the organization in a year that is one of TERC’s most successful in terms of grant awards.

Second, I would like to support Board members as they work to understand how they can, in their own careers, be strong advocates for TERC.

And third, I would like to support the Board in always keeping equity in the forefront of our minds as we carry out the work of the Board.

This is my sixth year on the Board. The Board saw TERC come out strong through the difficult pandemic years, with a renewed commitment to the important work that needs to be done in STEM education research. I am pleased to say that this Board oversees an organization with strong financials and a President that does an excellent job of overseeing every aspect of TERC.

Personally, I worked in education for over 40 years, holding positions of Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Mathematics Department Chair, Mathematics Teacher, and Head of School for students with dyslexia and language processing issues. Most recently I was an Assistant Professor at American International College, teaching Qualitative Research and mentoring doctoral students in the Educational Leadership and Supervision Program and the Teaching and Learning Program. In addition, I have taught leadership and mathematics pedagogy at the University of British Columbia.

Presently, I work as an education consultant in the areas of leadership, policy, accountability, and instruction. Along with working in several school districts, I have consulted with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in the areas of school and district accountability.

I hold a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of British Columbia, a C.A.G.S. in Leadership from Boston University, an ME.d. in Mathematics from Boston University, and a BA in Mathematics from Regis College.

I am looking forward to chair the Board of Trustees of TERC and confident that, with the Board and staff's expertise, we'll continue to make a positive impact on STEM education research.

With gratitude,

Nadine (Binkley) Bonda, Ph.D.
Board of Trustees Chair

Welcome Nadine Bonda, Ph.D., as TERC's new Board of Trustees Chair

Nadine (Binkley) Bonda, Ph.D.

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