Reflecting on 2020 and Moving Forward in 2021

This year has been filled with many challenges as Covid-19 changed the landscape of our world, including STEM learning. While there were setbacks, we have also seen achievements and our team’s ability to adapt while continuing to promote equal access to learning opportunities for all. As we say goodbye to 2020, we’d like to shine light on the exciting work that was accomplished and share what we’re looking forward to in 2021.



Pivoted the delivery of resources and Professional Development, providing educators with much needed resources

  • As schools began to close in March 2020, TERC put together a list of Free STEM Education Resources developed through R&D efforts by our math and science education and research experts to help keep children’s minds engaged.
  • Investigations set up an At-Home Resources webpage filled with resources to support teachers, educators, and families during school closures.
  • Adult Numeracy Center at TERC hosted numerous webinars and published many blog posts providing educators with valuable knowledge for navigating these new challenges.



Launched cutting-edge lines of work

  • Visualize Teaching works with teachers and their coaches to find new ways to support students in engaging in argumentation and four other math practices.
  • UniVRsal Access is co-designing a Virtual Reality (VR) STEM mystery game with learners with autism and researching how VR can be used to increase access and broaden participation in STEM learning.
  • Designing Biomimetic Robots is researching the impact of an interdisciplinary bio-engineering-computational design curriculum on middle school engineering and science education.



Continued to share our work widely to help advance STEM learning



Made an impact in Data Science and Computational Thinking (CT)

  • The Data Clubs project introduces middle school youth to the power of data by giving them simple tools for visualizing and analyzing data on topics they care about.
  • A new Computational Thinking eBook showcases our work in CT integration, research methods and assessments, and much more.



Moving Forward in 2021


Reflecting on 2020 and Moving Forward in 2021
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